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Dinesh Bafna

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader in Cleveland.

Avoiding fraud – a reason for Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna’s Success

Avoiding fraud – a reason for Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna’s Success

Cleveland based businessman Dinesh Bafna is a renowned name in the fine surface material industry. Dinesh Bafna is the founder and president of Mont Surfaces and has been in business for over three decades. Because of his hard work and dedication, he has attained unmatched heights. He has gained and honed his skills only to serve his clients well and become a businessman par excellence. He started operations in 1989 in a small warehouse and has now expanded to eight divisions across the Midwest.


Bafna is known to deliver his projects on time and hold the capability to take calculated risks for the benefit of his organization. Moreover, he is a great mentor to his team. He trains them and imparts them with knowledge that he obtains by attending various workshops and seminars. Bafna is on a constant learning spree and focuses on the overall development of his staff.

Additionally, he is known for his fine communication skills. He has built an array of clients and developed great relationships with his clients and customers, advisors and investors. He is known to maintain cordial relations with people involved in all aspects of his business, be it clients, customers, suppliers, investors or his staff.

Bafna and team work to keep their customers on top and fulfil their requirements to satisfaction. With an intent to leave a lasting impression on the clients, they walk an extra mile and there are no complaints about Dinesh Bafna or his team.

Being a man of ethics, he follows all operations ethically. Therefore, one will not hear of his involvement in fraud or fraudulent activities. This is a prime reason why his customers come back to him repeatedly to use his services. Apart from that, he has collaborated with recognized names like Susie Frazier to develop a new lifestyle product.

Due in part to Bafna’s esteemed reputation – Susie collaborated with him to utilize her expertise in a design-centered connection to nature with stylized, trendy designs of fine surface materials from Bafna’s Mont Surfaces. The intent is to create a life style that will help people discover their individuality and make their living spaces livelier.

Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna is a great professional who can get any task accomplished under pressing situations. He is a great human being too who believes in serving the community through is involvement in non-profit organizations.

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