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Dinesh Bafna

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader in Cleveland.

Dinesh Bafna: A successful businessman operating with ethics for 30 years

Dinesh Bafna is a successful businessman based out of Cleveland. The owner and President of Mont Surfaces, Dinesh Bafna is operating a successful business. He is known for the knowledge and finesse that he carries in business operations.

He started his business in a small warehouse in 1989 and has now expanded it to eight divisions across Midwest. He has honed his skills in almost three decades of being in this industry. As far as his personal details are concerned, he is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and went on to marry Sangita Bafna. He has two sons, Kunaal and Kurren Bafna.

He is a man of ethics and morals who believes in pursuing tasks with honesty. This is the reason one does not hear of any complaints about Dinesh Bafna.

He is an excellent communicator, and this has helped him build valuable business relations with investors and advisors. His business skills and strategies have improved over time which transpired into success for him.

In addition, Bafna is not afraid to walk the extra mile to meet the needs of his clients and customers. Moreover, he believes in leading his team by example and knows how to get a task accomplished even under stressful circumstances. He, being a business leader, knows how to keep every aspect of communication constant. Dinesh Bafna avoids fraud and fraudulent activities.

Another trait that has maintained his high spot in the industry is his never-ending quest for learning. He attends trainings and workshops to keep himself on top of the latest advancements relative to technology and believes in imparting the same to his teams. Dinesh Bafna also holds a thorough knowledge of the business world, technology, economics and other matters, which equips him to take on any competition with the ease of a true professional.

His clear vision and keen sense of integrity allows him to operate the internal systems, processes and procedures of his business appropriately as these are the requisites to run an efficient and productive organization.

Source:  http://dineshbafna.com/

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