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Dinesh Bafna

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader in Cleveland.

Dinesh Bafna… building a successful business with strong organizational skills

Dinesh Bafna… building a successful business with strong organizational skills

The epitome of success and business ethics, Dinesh Bafna is the owner of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc. He has three decades of experience and with his commitment to serve nothing but the best; he has become a recognized name in the fine surface material industry.

Being the President of Mont Surfaces, Dinesh Bafna does everything in his power to meet the needs and demands of his customers. This is the reason he can be counted on for fulfilling the deliverables even when the situations are pressing. He does this without compromising on integrity, and there would be no fraud in the name of Dinesh Bafna. His business runs on ethics and a keen sense of business.

Bafna started his business in 1989 in a small warehouse after graduating from Bowling Green State University. This business has now been expanded across the Midwest due to his finesse and business knowledge. Not only is he a businessman par excellence, but he is also a great mentor to his staff. He motivates them and imparts them the training they need to accomplish any task. Moreover, he is on a constant skill upgrade spree and attends workshops to learn technological advancements in the field of fine surface material. Moreover, he doesn’t preach or practice micro-managing his team. This is the prime reason why he can get any project completed even under pressing circumstances. Bafna isn’t a boss but a leader to his team and this quality of him is highly appreciated in the industry.

Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna carries an extensive knowledge of the business world, technology, economics, politics, history, and other matters. He has all the qualities of a learned professional with a never-ending will to learn and grow. Given the fact he is respected and apprised for the work he does, he carries the leadership skills to lead strategy, people, and change management programs.

Bafna is the man of many traits. One trait that has earned him good professional relationships with investors, suppliers, clients, and customers is his excellent communication skills. This helps him network and build valuable relations, which ultimately help in the growth of his business. He has obtained all this with pure professionalism and ethical dealings. He is a man of ethics and carries out the entire business with morality. This is the reason you will not hear any complaints about Dinesh Bafna. Also, he benefits from his strong organizational skills, efficiency in productivity and commitment to work.

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