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Dinesh Bafna

Successful Entrepreneur and Business Leader in Cleveland.

The Business Mogul of Cleveland - Dinesh Bafna

The Business Mogul of Cleveland -  Dinesh Bafna

Dinesh Bafna, a well-known face in the business community of Cleveland is the present owner of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granites Inc. Gifted with exceptional leadership skills, Bafna is presently heading as well as running many successful businesses. Percipient Bafna has an in-depth understanding of what it really takes to run a successful enterprise. Bafna is celebrated for his work and the chain that has been set up by him in his organizations to produce the best quality surfaces with a wide range of variety thus helping his customers fulfilling their dreams. He believes in inspiring his team to perform with a hundred percent efficiency and meet the targets of the company. He has likewise been associated with many training programs in order to polish leadership skills, lead groups of individuals and lead change the executive's programs. Bafna over the years of working has successfully developed cordial relations with employees, clients, suppliers, and customers. He has been known to keep any aspect of the communication steady and rational. Bafna over the years has become highly proficient in setting up the internal systems, procedures, and processes necessary to operate a business. He has worked with numerous not-for-profit associations and has become a remarkable individual in the business world. With his expanding business, he has accomplished extraordinary feats and has spread it to eight divisions all through the midwest. He can tackle any tricky situation with ease with his confidence and intelligence. He is a passionate individual who enjoys his work by building good interpersonal relationships with others. Bafna is very sincere by nature which makes him do every business transaction ethically. He is a man of his word. He will always deliver what has been promised to the customers by him. Being a successful head of his organization, he possesses knowledge not only of the business world but also of other schools like technology, economics, politics, history, and other matters, as it is an essential aspect for a business leader. Cleveland's Dinesh Bafna is highly enthusiastic and a positive
A person who encourages the youth to give their dreams a chance and have the courage to chase them. 

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